Saturday, January 28, 2017

Want a new tee-shirt to stop rape?

Go to Twitter to @Charfair. I have a tee-shirt I designed that benefits my nonprofit Fear Thou Not.
Be the first to order a tee-shirt to stop rape, to save money, and to tell women to use the Buddy System!

Are you on Twitter? I am Charfair on Twitter. 
Steven Pinker is on Twitter who is a linguist at MIT or somewhere. He didn't go to a woman's college is all I know about him.
1.  What our language habits reveal.
2. Human Nature and the Blank Slate
3. The surprising Delcine in Violence

4. Violence against women: Its a men's issue

Men teach the Buddy System in police, military, hunting, fishing, prison guards, fire fighters, scuba/sky divers, snowmobile clubs, kayakers and every male group has an article or meme or newsletter about the BUDDY SYSTEM EVERY WEEK AND EVERY MONTH. I have a nonprofit that tells women Buddy System/BuddySister to use the SAFETY AWARENESS, SELF DEFENSE AND 2 in 2 out, watch your back, I've got your back.

I have a tee-shirt that tells women to use the Buddy System on my Twitter page.
The last article about the Buddy System for women was in Cosmopolitan in 2009. 
When was the last book published on the Buddy System for women? 

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