Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Going on trips alone

When you get on a train or another mode of public transportation (planes, trains, helicopters, buses) look for another woman to sit with. If she gets off, go to another part of the train with women. Don't stand around with men and expect them to be on their best behavior at the other end of the train.

If you have any stories, please share.

When you are alone this week at home or in your car, yell "FIRE" to practice. If one day someone attacks you, this will not be the last thing you think of doing. Practice yelling "FIRE!" every day once or twice when you are alone. If you have a family, tell your children to yell "FIRE" to help your family practice. Many people won't remember because "FIRE" is illegal to yell in a public place when you are just standing around. It is OK to yell when you are being hurt/mugged/raped/abducted, did you know that???? Yes indeed!

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