Sunday, October 9, 2016

The first thing women do is talk

  Have you noticed any talk about the Buddy System around other women?  Yeah, me neither. Are there more shirts that say "Buddy System" than "Harley-Davidson" at your local store? Yeah, I noticed that too. Are there any articles in any of those $10.00+ magazines for women about the Buddy System? Yeah, 2009 Cosmopolitan. So did that stop the tide of rape and torture in our world? Nope, not enough info and talk to make a difference? So how do we make a difference with our literature? Bombard magazines for women with requests for articles about the Buddy System? Bombard weekly or daily so that every women's magazine, including Southern Living, and Reader's Digest, and decorating magazines include a column or article about the Buddy System for women so we are not raped and tortured! Make hashtags on Twitter and anything else we appear on with #BuddySystem, #buddysystem included so that we raise awareness. Do you realize that we are being raped and tortured and our sisters, aunts, mothers and daughters are being raped and tortured every day and night that goes by? Where did I get this idea? Andrea Parrot The author of these books, Andrea Parrot is in an article in 2009, and there haven't been 500,000 more articles. There have been 500,000 and more rapes since 2009. Read Murder on the Silver Comet Trail to learn more about the #BuddySystem please.

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